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My name is Jennifer Oknin and I'm a proud Corporate Dropout! I spent the first 20 years of my career travelling the world for a Fortune 10 company.  I was successful, built great teams, and we accomplished amazing things...but long days and frequent travel took a toll on my overall health.  I gained 20 pounds, I wasn’t sleeping well, I had little energy and I stopped performing at my best.  Then I found a solution that lit me up and changed my whole life!  Now, I am a happy wife, a wellness coach, a cook with a passion for eating healthy, a community advocate, a public speaker, and an entrepreneur.

Can you relate to my story?

Areas of Expertise

Coaching, Wellness, Mindset Shift, Public Speaking, Team Building, Wealth Creation
Be Inspired to Shift!

How many of these statements can you relate to?

  • I can't lose this weight

  • I don't have time to eat healthy

  • My joints ache

  • I'm so tired all the time

  • I'm too tired to work out

  • I'm living in the gym and I look the same

  • I can't sleep

  • I feel so puffy

  • School loans are killing me

  • I don't want to be trapped in an office all day

  • I have no retirement savings

  • I've got to cut expenses

My company has solutions for all these concerns and I will coach you on the simple, repeatable steps that will maximize your health and earning potential! Many of our team members are generating 4-figure monthly results, some are earning 5-figure monthly results, and a few are earning 6-figure monthly results.

If you are serious about changing the direction of your life, via personal health improvement or creating a lifestyle where you are the boss, contact me today!  I want YOU to Shift into Health!

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You can directly pick an appointment time using my online scheduling platform.  You can send me a note using the contact form.  Or you can text the words, "I'm ready to Shift into Health!"

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