I have 20 years experience building teams and developing people so they perform to their top potential.  During our first conversation, I will ask questions to clarify your goals & habits, then provide a custom recommendation of products and services to set you up for your best success.  With your initial super foods package, you will get

  • one on one personalized coaching

  • online group coaching in a supportive & encouraging environment

  • 30 day video coaching series

  • suggested meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists

  • workout tips

  • Enrollment in our IsaBody Challenge - you receive a $200 free product coupon just for completing!

Wealth Creation

This business is like a personal development plan with a compensation plan attached.  I don't manage people, I look for leaders who want to create the life of their dreams in terms of health and wealth.  Then I will match energy for energy so you can build on a full or part-time basis.  This "business in a box" can start the day your sign up for your first custom package!  Everything you need to know is laid out in simple, repeatable steps.  All you need to bring is a coachable attitude and the desire to create financial freedom for yourself!

Team Building

My goal is to keep building a team of positive, fun, energized, open minded people who lift each other up, while taking responsibility for their own success.  Don't you love it when you work with your friends?  What about travelling to see each other at fantastic locations for both learning and play?  How often do you get the opportunity to do that?  Our team is all that and more.  Plus we set our own schedules and work from wherever we have a phone and WIFI!  I've coached people from the deck of a ship, a beach in Costa Rica, and a palazzo in Rome!

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Why do we need to Shift into Health?

The food industry is not interested in keeping you healthy; it’s interested in increasing profitability.  So they focus on loading the sugar, fat, and salt in processed foods, stripping out all the fiber and other valuable nutrients.  The lack of nutritionally dense food, paired with the number of toxins in our environment has created an obesity epidemic like the world has never seen! 

Our waistlines and our health are suffering.  Obesity is at an all time high and childhood obesity is on the rise.  Children as young as seven are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  This just wasn't an issue 30 years ago. 

And what about the amount of DEBT people are carrying?  Student loans, mortgages, underfunded pensions and retirement accounts, and let's not forget credit cards.  Our society is stressed to the max about money and I want to help change that!  The Evolved Economy is all about online business, let me teach you how YOU can change your financial footprint!


If you are passionate about changing the trend of an overweight and overmedicated world, and want to learn the tools to experience financial freedom for yourself and your family, then we deserve to connect!

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